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We have always taken photos of our vacations, our kid's school activities and just for the fun of it.  I have had this as a hobby for many years, mostly going to watch Indy cars race.  I've been fortunate to now work as a volunteer for the IndyCar series as an official, more specifically in safety inspection and accident investigation.  So I've combined two passions .. racing and photography.

Even after years have passed, the photos  just keep you smilin'!

Recently, in the past couple years, I've been asked to take photos of weddings, children's milestone birthdays and baptisms, along with sports activities and graduation photos.  It's been fun.

For Christmas last year, Sheila got a Canon DLSR (60D) as a gift.  Now she has gotten the "photo bug"!  And we are having a great time taking shots at many special occasions and funcitons.      Thank you ... Bob & Sheila

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